Rare And Cool Facts About Fonts – Ep 2

Two weeks ago, we wrote about rare and cool facts about fonts. Today I will continue the series with Episode 2 which has awesome information that you will read with pleasure. You will find another 11 rare and cool facts about fonts, new and exciting stuff.

Fonts Seen In Famous Cartoons

Watching cartoons with my little boy a few days before, I found out that is extremely interesting to analyze free and premium fonts seen in famous cartoons (including in Tom and Jerry).

The Very Best 40+ Web Tools & Services

Which are the very best 40+ web tools and services on the planet?

Find out below, we spent close to 2 months to find out the answer to this question. We included the best solutions from their industries: WordPress support service, themes, plugins, website builders, collaboration tool, online photo editors, and much more.

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